July 19, 2024 ~ Shabbat BALAQ. Maqam MAHOUR.

Sasgar - سازكار


Maqam Sasgar - ססגאר  - 'Saz kar' in Arabic; in SUHV consists of only three songs by Raphael Tabbush. Other older manuscripts classify some of the other Ajam songs into this maqam. Musically, this maqam is the Ajam scale transposed to F-Jiharkah. The Turkish Sazkar is the scale of Rast with emphasis on Bayat and Sigah jins that exist within the Rast scale. In terms of "Maqam of the Week", Maqam Sasgar is option for Shabbat Shofetim and the second day of Shalosh Regalim. According to Dr Idelsohn, the meaning of the wording Sasgar is derived from a name of a Persian instrument "Saz". In addition, Idelsohn mentions that this maqam was not known in Egypt, and instead, Maqam Jirkah was applied.

Index of Pizmonim

Pizmon Page Song CommentaryRecordings Application
198 163 שא נא לי Raphael Tabbush Sasgar or Mahour.
199 163 אל רם חיים חן וחסד Raphael Tabbush
200 163 אסיר ביוקשי Raphael Tabbush Assir El 'Eshq: In 1906, Daoud Hosni was granted the first prize at the Musical Congress in Paris, for the composition of his famous hit "Assir El' Eshq" أســير العــشـق. It is a song that still thrills enthusiasts of Middle-Eastern Music. G. Shrem
E. Sayegh
M Tawil
M Tawil 2
David Saliah
Y. Bozo
Amos Dodi
E Menaged
I Cabasso - Qaddish
Maury Blanco
D Binker-Duek: El Habibi (last verse)