December 3, 2021 ~ Sh MIQES. M SIGAH.

Lami - لامي


Maqam Lami- לאמי- This maqam is used for only two pizmonim in the Red Book, both attributed to Moshe Ashear.

 It is a "sophisticated" Iraqi maqam not used in either Egypt or Syria, with a "gauzy, airy, light sound".

 This maqam is relatively new (post 1900s), popularized by Mohamed El Qoubandji.

 Musically, its lower jins Kourd on D-duqah, upper jins Kourd on G-Nawah.


Pizmon Page Song CommentaryRecordings Application
233 183 למי יזרח אור ופורקן Moses Ashear Sion Ezra Levy wedding. September 20, 1938. Leaflet I. Cabasso
G. Shrem
Y. Bozo
G Shrem 2