August 29, 2014 ~ Shabbat SHOFETIM. Maqam AJAM.

Digital Music Archive Collection and Liturgical Tradition Scholarship of the Syrian Sephardic Jewish community of Aleppo

طقوسي التقاليد والتسجيلات الموسيقية في المجتمع اليهودي السفارديم حلب السورية

הפזמונים והחזנות כמנהג ארם צובא - ק"ק חלף

נערך ע"י דויד מעתוק בטיש הלוי וידידיו בניו יורק וגם בירושלים הבירה בשם נעים זמירות ישראל כה"ר גבריאל אברהם שרים וגם יצחק יעקב כבאסו ס"ט

לזכות בו הרבים ולמנוע שירי עגבים

 שנת חמשת אלפים שבע מאות ששים ושתים ליצירה

MAQAM OF THE WEEK- Shofetim: שופטים

For Shabbat Shofetim (Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9), prayers are conducted in Maqam AJAM according to most sources (alternate opinion is SABA). AJAM is used to express joy and happiness, and is applied here to mark the joyous occasion of electing a new king. In addition, there is mention later in the Torah portion of several exemptions of going to war. One of these exemptions is a man who got married that year; AJAM is the maqam for weddings. HAZZANUT: Nishmat: Ya'arikh Yamim Al Mamlakhto (page 203). The only Selihot melody to be applied is for Semehim: Ajam Selihot melody of Elekha Hashem. ALIYOT: The Aleppo tradition is to emphasize the motif of electing a new king by extending the weekday reading to 17:20 in order to read up to the important blessing in this verse "LeMa'an Ya'arikh Yamim Al Mamlakhto Hu U'Banav BeKereb Yisrael" (Sephardic Pizmonim Project,

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