July 12, 2020 ~ Sh M-M. NAHWAND.



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Rahawi Nawah 448 370 מפי אל מפי אל Maqam Girkah Simhat Torah. Hamaoui Manuscript Attiah Manuscript Yabess Manuscript A Z Idelsohn notes, 1923 G. Shrem
Fule Yanani
G. Shrem
אל ההודאות
2007 אהלל לאל ושיר אחדש Maqam Hoseni Referring to the rebuilding of a synagogue in Aleppo which was destroyed by an earthquake; the many people mentioned in this pizmon are those who contributed to the rebuilding and restoration of the synagogue; including: Elijah, Rephael Ben Ezra, Jacob Kohen, Abraham, Samuel, Solomon and Isaiah.